No advertising!

Part of the philosophy of is to provide quality sites to serious users without the need to plaster a bunch of unsightly, distracting and often unwanted advertising all over the site and its content.

Smiffbuilt is for those whose message is more important than the hard sell.  Scientists, researchers and scholars benefit from having their site display clean and crisp with no 3rd party advertising cluttering up their message.

Often ads from many of the common outlets are directly contradictory to the message of the site being viewed.  Site owners usually have little say in just what kind of advertising is used on their site.

Little choice

Unfortunately, many are lured by the fact that if a site is high-traffic, just a small percentage of the visitors clicking on a small percentage of the ads will provide some financial relief from the cost of operating the site.

So annoying!

Even worse than a few distractions, when your visitors click on these, they could experience very serious consequences.  Click on ads like that above and you risk downloading all sorts of malware.  Sometimes you could even get a message that “A virus has been detected on your computer” with an offer to scan it for free or download a virus scan and removal tool.  Any response to this kind of message will result in you actually downloading a virus, or tracking software, or phishing software, or something else you don’t want on your machine.

At Smiffbuilt we can supply high bandwidth hosting at a very moderate cost without the need to rely on the gullible (who click on the avert for cheap viagra…) for revenue.  This way your site is not negatively impacted by the often dubious adverts served up by the common advertising companies.