Why No Facebook?

At Smiffbuilt, we don’t encourage our clients to jump onto the latest social networking fad, for a good number of reasons.

Social networking is encouraged by almost everyone who sells internet space, but what’s it really for? Yes, if you’re trying to sell something, trying to drive more traffic to your site to make a little extra cash from the gullible (see our No Advertising page), then by all means links to and from Facebook, Twitter, or any number of social networking sites will likely do the trick.

But Smiffbuilt is mainly for the more serious users, those with a message for a specific audience who don’t necessarily look to make a few cents per click from a bunch of gullible people who have no real idea why they’re there in the first place. If your visitors really wish to share your site with their friends, there’s nothing stopping them. But along with the “Like” (and similar) buttons on many sites comes a level of privacy invasion which some users would rather avoid.

Smiffbuilt can offer an affordable deal which means you won’t have to scheme for every last cent you can from your visitors, and your site will retain the clean, lean look which says to your visitors, “We’re serious about our message and your privacy”.